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Built up flat roofing in london.

KDW Roofing specialize in 3 layer felt systems to both the domestic and the commercial industry, Our systems come with 10 to 20 year insurance backed guarantees for total peace of mind for the home owner and home builder.  

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Cold roof or warm roof?

We take our flat roof design very seriously at KDW Roofing in London, We can offer fully specified flat roof systems in both the traditional cold roof system, where the insulation is under the roof deck, normally in between the rafters, but also the ever popular warm roof build up, where we lay the insulation on top of the deck and then our flat roof membrane over that! this system is becoming more popular in new builds, schools and commercial properties  but also now used on smaller domestic properties where the home owner wants to had extra insulation to a room or building .

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KDW Roofing has been fitting flat roofs to buildings in London and the surrounding areas for the past 20 years. We have fitted 1,000s of square meters worth of felt and pride our self's on being a leading flat roofing company in London.